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Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler

In the narrative of our book, a youthful ruler named Persilion experiences a profound love for Lippi. However, this affection alone proves insufficient to deter him from embarking on a transformative journey into the complexities of adulthood, catalyzed by the formidable influence of Sikar.

As we uncover the revelation of our Tyrant’s metamorphosis into a youthful instigator, we must begin to lay the groundwork for the impending clash. It is incumbent upon us to shoulder newfound responsibilities and make preparations for the anticipated return of the Tyrant.

The Story of Lippy and Persilion 

Discover the captivating tale of Persilion, an integral figure within the imperial bloodline, often called “that child.” As the youngest of three siblings ascending to the throne, Persilion’s journey is defined by his miraculous survival during his early years, thanks to his mother Belia’s unwavering love and protection.

In the concluding chapters of the novel, Persilion’s transition into young adulthood unveils his latent magical talents, an inherent facet of his extraordinary powers. It is through these newfound abilities that he extends his healing touch to mend the wounds of Princess Sheril, sustained in a fierce battle.

Meanwhile, the narrative introduces Lippi, a character whose life parallels the primary storyline. Her transformation from a charming aegyo girl to a prophet, influenced by a novel from her past, is an intriguing twist. Lippi’s popularity grows as she recites the novel’s contents and earns a living.

Tragically, Lippi meets her end in an unforeseen accident, with her soul embarking on a journey to another realm. Within that enigmatic and unstable dimension, reminiscent of a dybbuk-like realm, Lippi embarks on an odyssey. Eventually, she finds her way back to the emperor’s realm and plays a pivotal role in awakening his divine power.

While the tales of Lippi and Persilion run parallel to the central narrative, their stories remain largely independent of their course. The enigma of whether the Ardal from a century ago could be connected to Lippi lingers, potentially unveiling her as the emperor’s father’s daughter, Elaine von Sped, or a yet-unfulfilled prophecy.

In addition to the principal storyline, we are introduced to Lippi, a divine entity. Despite enduring a millennia-long curse in an alternate realm, Lippi endeavors to adapt to her newfound existence alongside Persilion. The unbroken curse, however, prevents her from ageing, while her connection to the imperial lineage remains a significant aspect of her character. This intriguing circumstance does not preclude her from potentially succeeding her father as the future emperor.

Persilion’s Love for Lippi Turned Adult Through Sikar’s Power

“The Dragons’ Teeth” unveils the parallel narrative of Lippi and Persilion, both of imperial lineage, in tandem with the main storyline. They share a half-curse on their powers, connecting their fates.

Lippi, once an ordinary girl turned prophet, discovers her latent powers after a near-death experience. With the help of the enigmatic Sikar, she breaks the curse and resurrects Ardal, setting in motion a series of transformative events in the empire.

Prince Perry’s return to adulthood, catalyzed by Lippi’s divinity, sparks a power struggle with his son, who delves into dark magic. Amidst a tumultuous dinner party, his actions lead to an unexpected rescue by his mother, Belia.

During a battle, Persilion harnesses his mother’s divinity to save himself and realizes his love for Lippi. This newfound love prompts his transformation into adulthood, setting the stage for a complex courtship as he navigates the resurrection of his mother’s divine power.

Lippi and Persilion’s intertwined stories, products of the same bloodline, parallel the main plot. Lippi’s journey to an unstable world and eventual transformation into a renowned prophet, along with Persilion’s quest to reclaim his throne, add depth to the series.

Meanwhile, Difke, a cousin of the queen and the daughter of the current emperor grapples with guilt as she embraces witchcraft. Her mother, Archduke Diphke von Dideus, holds the title of Master of the Mage Tower, wielding significant influence in the empire.

Though Lippi and Persilion’s stories may not directly impact the main plot, they enrich the narrative, offering profound insights into the universe’s intricacies.

Military School for A Tyrant

A military school serves as a dedicated institution focused on nurturing the ethical development of young individuals, with a strong emphasis on academics, moral and ethical education, and fostering a sense of sportsmanship. In contrast to conventional boarding schools, military schools select students willing to embrace structured learning and discipline.

These institutions provide a comprehensive curriculum, blending rigorous academics with physical fitness, sportsmanship, and leadership training. Their athletic programs are renowned for offering various activities, from golf to motocross. Some military schools take pride in successfully guiding students toward higher education and the army service.

The journey of a student in a military school, like Tyrant, involves significant personal growth and a deepening sense of responsibility. This transformation equips them with the wisdom required to excel as leaders and valuable members of the armed forces. Ultimately, the objective is to prepare individuals to face formidable challenges, such as overcoming leaders like Sikar, head of the Legion.

Enrolling in a military school promises an immersive learning experience where students acquire essential skills in leadership, self-discipline, and other pertinent subjects. Furthermore, they have the unique opportunity to thrive as integral team members, contributing to their personal growth and self-improvement. It’s a transformative path toward becoming the best version of oneself.

Tyrant’s Ability to Extract Techniques and Strategies 

Tatsumi possesses an exceptional array of abilities that set him apart as an extraordinary individual. His keen intellect and passion for weaponry have led to the creation of various original implements. Despite his confidence, he is unafraid to employ his formidable powers against adversaries, demonstrating the ability to shatter boulders with a single punch and even stagger the formidable Shikoutazer in just two hits. 

Tatsumi’s physical endurance is remarkable, enabling him to withstand high-pressure extreme temperatures and even breathe underwater. He has further harnessed his potential to generate the Celestial Tyrant Forces, a temporary power amplification stage that grants him abilities comparable to the Tyrannical Dragon.

In addition to these extraordinary physical attributes, Tatsumi is an accomplished swimmer despite his imposing size. His regenerative healing factor allows for rapid recovery, surpassing that of an average human. An intriguing facet of his capabilities is his proficiency in manipulating breath power, a talent unbeknownst to his classmate, Esdeath.

Tatsumi’s repertoire extends to the concealment of his distinctive giant eye, which he can disguise as a human-green eye with a cross-shaped pattern. This unique ability enables him to see through solid objects and remotely observe his surroundings, a groundbreaking innovation.

Among his lesser-known feats is his potential to teleport to distant locations, although this power comes with minor limitations, such as power drain and uncertainty about its reliability. Nevertheless, it remains a remarkable skill that showcases Tatsumi’s extraordinary capabilities.

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